Wednesday, January 19, 2011

YW/YM Theme 2011

Every year I get a request to do a board or some kind of vinyl with the young women and young men theme for the year.
One of the wards in our stake is doing this on a tile for each of their young women at New Beginnings this month.

I love the look of the 'subway art' that has been so popular.
This is printed for a 13x13 inch tile.
My machine only prints to 22 inches,
so I made each print out 11"x12 1/2". 
That will give then some room on the side to put a ribbon or some fun accent at the side.
I think it is a great idea and I love that the theme for the year is the 13th article of faith.
The price for the vinyl is $6 for this same size or smaller.
I can't, however go as small as the 6x6 inch tile size...too many words too small a space.