Friday, January 29, 2010


Here are a few projects that I have done for Valentine's day.
These plaques are a great size. Not the 12x12 size I made last year but they are 8x8 and a cute 'something' for your valentine's decor. These are $8.00 completed $5.00 for just the vinyl.
I'm not sure which one I like more. I actually think I will do one in a lighter pink that would be my favorite. I love Valentine's day because of the colors. The one time of the year I can have pink in the house!This cute dishes were found at the dollar store and I put vinyl on them that says 'be mine' and filled it with candy. It was my VT treat for this month since we went so late. Love treats, love candy, love Valentine's day!!
Look close you can see the Be Mine in scrolly letters.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Alright, I have been thinking about this for some time and and finally getting around to it. I am having a giveaway for my 50th post. I have people email me from all over the country wanting to order things. I'd like to get to know who you are that read my blog and where you are from. I will be having my giveaway until Monday night (2/1/2010) at 11:00pm. All you have to do leave a comment saying hi, put your name, where you are from and your favorite vinyl project (that you like from my blog, that you have done or that you would like to see me offer....maybe next time the giveaway will be whatever got the most votes).
I will randomly draw a name for the winner (and there might be other surprises thrown in:). Anyone can enter friends, family, neighbors. I'd love to 'meet' all my blog readers.

Here is the giveaway. It is black wood with white vinyl and a fun font! The tallest letter is just under 5 inches tall and all the letters standing end to end are 20 inches long. They are all free standing letters that you can arrange to your liking.
As soon as I pick a winner I will post whoever it is and sent them out to you....good luck and I can't wait to meet you all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have finally compiled all the quotes I have (as of 01/2010) for 12x12 tiles. I didn't know I had so many!! I went through and put them all in one place, changed a few I didn't like and they are. They aren't all my originals. Some people have called and asked them to look a certain way or use a certain font. This is everything I have ever printed for people. It's quite the list!
I know the tile thing has totally been over done, but it is a great way to get ideas for other things too.
Anyway, for future reference, here they are.

And these show some great ideas for board and plates too.
The prices for tile quotes are $5.00 (this is a big increase from before, I found they are twice as hard to do as the 12x12 tiles) and $8.00 for 12x12 (same price).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picture Blocks

This is a project I got started on a little late this year. I neglected to find something for David's mom and dad. They told us a few years ago that they wanted us to make things instead of buying them. Some years I have no problem. This year I have to say I didn't really try I just kept putting it off. I have seen these cute blocks lots of times before and thought it would be a fun project. I got on the computer and ordered 12 pictures from Costco (love Costco, they were ready by the time I got there). I couldn't decide what to get the regular sized pictures or the wallet. The wallets didn't ever say a size. I ordered both and ended up using the wallets. What a steal if you were doing lots of sets of these. They were only .34 each set for 4. They are a little small for the 4x4x4 blocks but add a little paper and some vinyl and they look just right (or print off the size you need from your computer).

#1 cut the pictures (for the wallets you cut a little off the end to fit)

#2 Cut wood, sand and paint (might need a few coats) and sand again if desired (i forgot to)

#3 Mod podge pictures on wood. Only put mod podge on the wood and back of picture and let dry really well before doing anything else.
#4 Mod podge any paper or embellishments on and add vinyl sayings.
#5 Mod podge over the whole project and make sure each side dries really well before handling or putting down on a surface.#5 your project is done! (sorry forgot to take the after/finished pictures)
I only did 2 block but I really like the ones when people do 3 and stack them. I like odd numbers!
Fun, easy and very simple. Try it!