Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picture Blocks

This is a project I got started on a little late this year. I neglected to find something for David's mom and dad. They told us a few years ago that they wanted us to make things instead of buying them. Some years I have no problem. This year I have to say I didn't really try I just kept putting it off. I have seen these cute blocks lots of times before and thought it would be a fun project. I got on the computer and ordered 12 pictures from Costco (love Costco, they were ready by the time I got there). I couldn't decide what to get the regular sized pictures or the wallet. The wallets didn't ever say a size. I ordered both and ended up using the wallets. What a steal if you were doing lots of sets of these. They were only .34 each set for 4. They are a little small for the 4x4x4 blocks but add a little paper and some vinyl and they look just right (or print off the size you need from your computer).

#1 cut the pictures (for the wallets you cut a little off the end to fit)

#2 Cut wood, sand and paint (might need a few coats) and sand again if desired (i forgot to)

#3 Mod podge pictures on wood. Only put mod podge on the wood and back of picture and let dry really well before doing anything else.
#4 Mod podge any paper or embellishments on and add vinyl sayings.
#5 Mod podge over the whole project and make sure each side dries really well before handling or putting down on a surface.#5 your project is done! (sorry forgot to take the after/finished pictures)
I only did 2 block but I really like the ones when people do 3 and stack them. I like odd numbers!
Fun, easy and very simple. Try it!


Jarvis Family said...

You know I did these for my munchkins and they turned out all sticky. I made one picture on several small blocks so they could play withthem like a puzzle...what did I do wrong?