Sunday, November 22, 2009

Piggy Bank

Here is another idea for the glass blocks. I found mine at Lowe's in the Christmas stuff (about $9.50 each).As you can see it has a hole in the top (or bottom) and even had cover with a slot. Perfect for a piggy bank. (these are great for the lighted glass blocks with vinyl, if you have ever tired to cut the hole in the blocks yourself you will gladly pay the extra few dollars for a pre-cut hole!)

I just glued the cover on the hole (so they can't get the money out:).
This is what I decided to do for a few of my nephews birthday's and put a little money in it to start them off. I think next time I will make the vinyl smaller. The vinyl for glass blocks is $5.00 each.
The Santa cookie bucket never got done and when I get pictures of the reindeer and scripture bags I will post them....Emily:)