Monday, November 30, 2009


These are jackets that I made yesterday for my sons friends for Christmas. Yes the secrets out!! I can put vinyl (special vinyl) on clothing. I have been trying it out on different products but am pretty confident that I know how to do it now. I have had it for over a year and haven't been to sure of doing it. I think that it has been working out great the last few times and is looking great too!

It is really fun to personalize shirts, coats, sweatshirts...just anything! Anything that can be cut in vinyl can but cut and put on clothing (with heat).

These pictures aren't really very good. You can't see any of the detail. Anyway, it really was an inexpensive gift. The jackets were $10 each and I just added the vinyl.
A fun new something to try out!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The gorgeous red chargers you can find at Hobby Lobby. They have so many colors. They are fun for every holiday (and not very expensive). Put a little vinyl on it and you have a cute decoration. This is one that I did last year. I have done many sayings on these and also pictures. This is also the plates we used for the 'you are special' plate. Fun!!

This square one came from Target and is also a great decoration. Any saying and you have a great gift!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Piggy Bank

Here is another idea for the glass blocks. I found mine at Lowe's in the Christmas stuff (about $9.50 each).As you can see it has a hole in the top (or bottom) and even had cover with a slot. Perfect for a piggy bank. (these are great for the lighted glass blocks with vinyl, if you have ever tired to cut the hole in the blocks yourself you will gladly pay the extra few dollars for a pre-cut hole!)

I just glued the cover on the hole (so they can't get the money out:).
This is what I decided to do for a few of my nephews birthday's and put a little money in it to start them off. I think next time I will make the vinyl smaller. The vinyl for glass blocks is $5.00 each.
The Santa cookie bucket never got done and when I get pictures of the reindeer and scripture bags I will post them....Emily:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Super Saturday Ideas

Here are a few of the projects that we are doing for our Super Saturday. At least they are the ones that I am helping with.

For the Holiday blocks I found the idea here I thought they were such a cute, fun idea. You can paint them any color you want and leave them out year round. I would do vinyl for these blocks but not the wood (at least not until after Christmas). Really like she said on the blog I got the idea from, it is really a lot cheaper to go to a lumber yard or Home Depot and get them cut for you or cut them yourself and just buy a piece of 4x4 lumber. To have me send them isn't really worth it!
Here is what she said about the blocks:
These 7 wood blocks spell at least 16 different words (and you might be able to find more)that cover every season and almost every holiday.
Here are all the words they can spell:

The price for the vinyl for this project is $10.00.

This is another cute idea found in the blog world of crafts. We are making 2 different ones. One for Christmas or one that is plain (or generic:). This one, obviously is used to countdown the days til Christmas. The other one has two sides. The bottom says 'simplify' on one side and you can use it for a calendar for everyday. The other side says 'countdown' and you can use it to countdown to a special event, like a vacation or something. All kids love countdowns and seeing how many days are left. You can use it as a calendar until some special event comes up then change it over for a countdown. This is another 4x4 wood project with a 2x4 on the bottom. The price for just the vinyl on this project is $5.00.

This is my sisters project that she is doing (or did) for her Super Saturday (or I think they called it Spiritual Saturday...) She did all the hard work and now I just have to make copies. Everyone loved these and all kids love to look at them. Whether it is to look at the pictures or to read the info on the back, all ages love boys all keep looking through them. There are 3 sets, latter day Prophets, Apostles, and the articles of faith. If you want any of these, email me. I might be able to hook you up:)

This is the other project we are doing. It is a magnet board stand for pictures. We are making it and it includes 2 magnets. Any grandma would love this. It has lots of room for pictures to hang up. The metal is 15"x8" in size. A fun way to put up new pictures and be able to change them out. (we haven't got the magnets done yet!) For this completed project it is $9.00

Our other projects are a wood reindeer, a santa's cookie bucket, a scripture tote and maybe a nativity set. Hopefully I can get pictures of the other projects and can show off our other talented helper for Super Saturday. It is always a fun day that I enjoy helping with!