Sunday, October 25, 2009

Personalized Chair

It has been way too long since I put any new ideas up. I guess I have too much going on, although I am still getting lots of projects done and making lots of vinyl for other peoples projects.
This is something I thought would be a fun Christmas gift. I know that everyone has at least one of these chairs but to have it personalized and actually know which one is yours (everyone always seems to have the same ones) I thought was a fun idea. Although it isn't really vinyl on the final project, you do use vinyl to complete it. I used a cut out of vinyl with a last name. I actually weeded out the name, the part you usually use on things and kept it for another use. I used the vinyl that was left to put on the chair as my stencil. (you could actually make your own or buy some but this was sooo easy with the vinyl and it stuck on great!) Next get out your paint and paint away. It actually took a few coat of the white but it turned out pretty good (just don't look too close)! Next time I would press down the edges better and make sure there was better contact. The paint bled a little but just in spots where the vinyl wasn't pressed down enough. Fun idea and quick too!