Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring/Easter Boards

I am finally posting again, yay!! Here are the boards for spring/Easter. They are $5 if you want to come and make them or $6 if I do them for you. We will be making them on Tuesday at 8:00pm at my house for anyone who is interested. I know it is late notice but just contact me if you want one and are coming (or if you want one and can't come). These are boards for the square wreaths. If anyone is still interested in getting one let me know and I will contact my supplier to see if they have restocked yet from Christmas.
I was also thinking of doing a board yellow with "Happy Birthday" or "Celebrate" with "back to school" on the back. Let me know what you think of the options and if there are any more board you can think of that you want and I can do them. We can always do a one sided board too, if you want one with your last name or welcome on it. Let me know. ( I had an idea to do one with welcome really big with 'to the Banks' (your last name) script smaller over the bottom. Let me know if anyone wants one of those or has an idea for one that is an all year one.)

I know I have already shown the picture of "Hoppy Easter", but just was making it easier to find. The 'think Spring' I made last night at about 11:00pm to bring to church today and I used just what I had for flowers. I am going to do more fun springy colors for them and lots of colors to choose from.