Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Home Evening Board

Since this is my most popular item that people contact me about and I sell, I thought I would post a little more about it. It can be changed to anyway you want it. In any color. This is one that I made recently. No one does exactly the same things for your FHE so make it custom to list everything you do. There are no limits to the number of items you list or names on the magnets.
My boys love to go get 'the board' each Monday night to see what everyone has.
Worth it to get one of these! The price is $23.00.
I now have paypal so I can send invoices from there.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine Board

Yes I am still alive and finally getting to a new post! The New Year has come on slowly (to my liking:) and I am finally getting back into the vinyl mode!!
Here are the boards for February/Valentine's Day for your square wreaths. You choose pink with Easter or red with 4th of July (the 4th of July one I have already posted a picture of. It should be in labels under square wreaths). They are both fun, you choose which one you want. Each one is $6.00. If you leave a comment or email me just let me know which one you want.

I am throwing in a picture of the candles I gave my sisters I VT. Fun way add a little more to a regular candle. The words for the candles are $1.00 each (love one another).

Hokey Pokey

This is the same size board (7"x19") as the "You can't scare me..." board. Just another cute saying that someone ordered. Fun!!