Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hen House

As I put on my blog, I have been making a some projects for a store in town called 'The Hen House'. It has lots of fun stuff and I have a couple of projects I did for it. Here are just a few-I love these boards for little kids rooms. 4"x24"or 36"
(just vinyl $3.00, with board $5.00)

I love these long quote boards. You can pick any saying and have it done like this. This is one of my fav projects I did. The board is 7x19. Cute size to stand in a corner on a table or shelf. I can't take credit for this one. I found it here and didn't like the quotes, so I did my own. (just vinyl $9.00, with board $12.00)

This 'BE board' I made last year for Christmas presents and a few other gifts. I saw the original idea on Heather Whites blog. She has great ideas and is soooo creative. Love all her fun stuff. I also changed it a bit to suit my taste. This is a very popular item.
(just vinyl $9.50, with board $13.00)

These 'holiday plaques' are a cute change for decorations. You can make one for every holiday or season. These can also be made front and back like the square wreath boards. One color 2 holidays. Cute on a front door or on a wreath stand. I found this idea on (just the vinyl $8.50, with board $12.00)
The BE board and holiday plaque are both 12"x12".

Sorry I don't have very many original ideas. I don't want anyone thinking that I am trying to steal ideas or take credit for things I haven't come up with (that is why you can click on the link to see the original idea or place it came from). I have asked permission for all but the holiday plaques, to use the same basic idea.
Thanks for looking and leave me a comment if you are interested in getting any of my products. Don't forget--time to start getting ready for Christmas!!