Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Square Wreaths

We made these wreaths a few Saturdays ago for enrichment. We had a lot of people comment on loving the square wreath. (They are cute!) The board in the middle can be changed out with each holiday or season. The wreath with one board, vinyl and ribbon is $23. Fun gift idea and you can make a new board for the middle for each holiday which are $4-$5 each depending on the vinyl and/or front and back (you paint the board one color and use front for one holiday and the back for a different holiday). Great for Christmas. The wreaths have to be ordered so if you are interested let me know a few weeks in advanced so I can get them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here is a cute board that says ASAP, always say a prayer. The board can be done in any color and is a fun project, only $7.50 for a completed board.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here are two projects I have done with frames. Both frames you can get at Wal-mart and the TIME frame is a17"x9" is just under $9. The FAMILY frame is about 14"x7" and is only $3. The
vinyl is around $7 for the big one and $4 for the small. Completed the TIME is $18 and FAMILY is $9. Both are great gifts, especially the TIME for a wedding gift. ( The photography isn't great, hopefully I'll get better.) I also make a WELCOME frame that is the same size as FAMILY. It says WELCOME and to our home over the top.


I have set up this blog so that I can post the pictures of all the things I make. My small home vinyl business is called Simple Sayings. My hope is to start a monthly craft night at my house so I will post the project we are doing and everyone can look here to see what it is. Give me some time I hope to get pictures of all the ones I have taken pictures of posted. Thanks for looking!